Pantera Aluminum Performance Shocks

Pantera Coilover Performance Shock. Made in the USA by RideTech also known for their outstanding Air Ride suspension products. This shock was produced via a joint effort between Fox Shocks and RideTech. These shocks are on par with Penske Racing Shocks in design construction, performance and reliability. All spacers included for a bolt on shock for your Pantera.

Shocks sold individually. Please specify spring rate when ordering. If you get the spring rate wrong don’t fret. Send me your springs and I will send you the springs you wish! No charge except shipping!

Order a quantity of 2 with the spring rate you want for the front, then order quantity 2 with the spring rate you want to the rear.

Key Features:

> Large rubber external bump-stop to prevent harsh bottoming out.

> Billet end cap with integrated debris wiper to prevent seal damage.

> Oversized rod guide improves piston rod stability.

> Integral internal bump-stop eliminates extension crashing.

> Hard coat external anodizing ensures years of lasting beauty and performance.

> Specially contoured composite gas separator cup optimizes dead length and ensures proper nitrogen/oil separation.

> Monotube design allows large piston for superior oil control Ð increases ride quality and handling performance.

> Monotube design not only optimizes performance, but uses fewer components than a twin tube design. This is superior fluid control in its most simple and efficient form!

> Teflon piston wiper and progressive valving allow consistent piston/bore contact and repeatable performance.

> Monotube bore is cathode anodized for years of wear resistance.

> Forged aluminum coilspring adjuster allows easy adjustment and simple locking mechanism without damaging the shock body.

> Upper and lower spring mounts allow spring removal without complete disassembly. No spring compressor required to change springs.

> One piece IMPACT FORGED body allows efficient manufacture and reliable leak-free operation.

> Long lasting Kevlar lined bearings allow wide articulation and low noise.

> Complete shock and spring weighs ~7 pounds. Stock rear Pantera shocks weigh ~17 pounds, fronts ~14 pounds. Total weight savings, 34 pounds!


Coil Springs come in a variety of spring rates ranging from 125 to 600 lbs/in

Material: Hypercoils are manufactured from high tensile chrome silicon steelÉthe highest grade available anywhere in the world.

Design: The high tensile wire used in Hypercoils allows lighter weight and additional travel before the coils bind.

Inspection: Hypercoils undergo 2 separate magnaflux inspections to eliminate surface imperfections which could lead to early failure.

Manufacturing: The unique combination of state-of-the-art CNC equipment and small town craftsmen who truly care about the product they are producing make Hypercoils the finest coilsprings available anywhere in the world.

Click Here to View our Aluminum Performance Shock Infographic!

Click Here to Order Yours Today!


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