Parking Brake Kit

For our brake kits that we sell, we use the stock rear brake caliper for the parking brake. Many people would ask why would we do that. Our answer is simplicity. Our parking brake kit that we sell in conjunction with our brake kits bolt up to the other side of your upright on the rear.

This kit includes one bracket for the left, and one bracket for the right (both powder coated your choice of either black or red), and all necessary hardware. With this as our parking brake, we can stall our 480HP engine. It works very well as a parking brake. And we powder coated the caliper bracket to add an extra nice touch!

This kit will soon be on our website for order in conjunction with our brake kits.

(Note: not needed for the Rear Upgrade Kit).


2 responses to “Parking Brake Kit

  1. Bill Gurney GLP

    May 26, 2013 at 6:01 pm

    how can I purchase rear brake kit for stock rotors and e brake?


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