Past Couple Months – Updates

Wow! We have had a very busy past couple of months. 2014 is turning out to be a great year for SACC Restorations.

We started the year with the re-development of a brand new product for the Pantera.

In late May, we held the Tech Session at the Pantera Owners Club of America’s Annual Fun Rally. The turnout was great and we debuted our brand new cable short shifter for the Pantera. The cable shifter is very smooth and offers a great improvement over the stock shifter. We will be selling the product very soon and we will have more details as it gets closer to sale.

IMG_1268    IMG_1266

Over the past month and a half we have been making lots of progress on the ZR1 Pantera. We received the dry sump oil tank, finished the oil system, and more. For more updates on the Pantera, check out our project site,



ZR1 Pantera Project

Our new exciting project has now begun! Check out our project blog over at

We were the first to pioneer the LS conversion in the Pantera. Now we will be installing the LS9, 638 HP Supercharged Corvette motor. Follow our ZR1 Pantera blog for updates on the project.


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New Pantera Parts

This morning we have updated our website to include a vast selection of replacement Pantera parts. These new parts include Emblems and Trim Parts, Switches, Decklid Shocks, Clutch Parts, and Weatherstripping. Check out all of our new parts!


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Brake Kits


All of our brake kits are now orderable on the store!

Brake Kits

Click here for more information on our brake kits.

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Dan Wheldon

Dan Wheldon

Dan Wheldon

Today, Indycar lost a great driver. Dan Wheldon, age 33, passed away in a horrific 15 car crash today at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Out of the 34 cars starting on this 1 1/2 mile oval, Dan Wheldon was starting 34th. Randy Bernard, the CEO of Indycar Racing League, offered a $5 million bonus to him that he was going to split with one lucky fan. By lap 12 he was up to 24th when everything went downhill. The number 17 of Wade Cunningham had contact with another car which ended up causing a chain reaction. Dan Wheldon went flying over Paul Tracy and into the catch fence. He was then airlifted to University Medical Center. He later passed away from unsurvivable injuries.

The 19 cars not involved in the crash then took a 5 lap tribute to the late Dan Wheldon in his honor.

He will be remembered as a great driver, a wonderful husband, and an even better father. Our thoughts go out to the whole Wheldon family on this extremely sad day.

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El Camino Progress

El Camino Progress

We’ve begun painting the bottom with Por 15!


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Pantera Performance Brake Kit

Here are a couple pictures of the front of our Performance Brake Kit with 12 inch Rotors & 4 piston calipers…

All of our brake kits are ready to order! And don’t forget, we can make any size kit you desire. You can even make your own kit at our website!!

Order a Pre-made Kit!


Design your Own Brake Kit!

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More Brake Kit Updates

We have a few updates today for our brake kits.

Here are some pictures of what your rears will look like for our Performance Brake Kit (15″ Wheels).

Very good performance at a very affordable price. The Pantera Performance Brake Kit. $1995.

For all of our kits as you may know, we use black Rotors. What is so nice with these black rotors, is that once they are worn in, the surface is a silver, metal finish, but the inside of the vents and cross-drilled holes are still black offering a very cool contrast.

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Pantera Brake Kits

We have our new Brake Kits done! They are in-stock so we will be able to ship them within a few business days of ordering.

Here is a promo video for our new Deluxe Performance Kit which includes 13 Inch Slotted, Vented, and Cross Drilled Rotors all around, and 6-piston calipers in the front and 4-piston calipers in the rear. We also offer a 4-piston all around kit as well.

For ordering, go to

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Deluxe Camaro Mirror Kit for the Detomaso Pantera

Our Pantera Mirror Kit is now in stock!

Check out our promo video!


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