Pantera Mirror Kit

We offer a Pantera Mirror Kit based on the stylish 2010 Camaro mirrors. SACC Restorations reworks the mirrors for use on the Pantera. The style matches the Pantera perfectly with the angular lines. The car looks faster just sitting there!


-Eliminates all blind-spots

-Matches the body-lines of the Pantera

-Electronically controlled

-Right Mirror Convex

-Shiny Black Finish that can be painted if desired

-Only wire connection required is Power and Ground

-Plug and Play Wiring Harness for the Deluxe Mirror Kit

Customer Testimonials!

“The install went well, the field of vision is fantastic. At 30′ back of the car there’s a 5 foot overlap between the rear mirror and the side mirrors – no blind spots whatsoever. On the freeway you can actually see 2 complete lanes on either side, I feel much safer driving
the car now.”

-Dan Pedersen



Click Here to Order Your Mirrors Today!

Click Here to see our Deluxe Mirror Kit Infographic!


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