71 Leather Seat Upholstery

This is an excellent quality replacement seat upholstery for the 71 Pantera. This set features vertical pleats and is produced in leather, front and back. Includes upholstery for 2 seat backs, 2 seat bottoms and 2 head rests. Fits tube style seat frames that came in 71 and early 72 Pantera’s. If your seat back unbolts from your seat bottom then you have the tube style frame.

This upholstery features zippers at the bottom and back of the seat back for an easier installation. Professional installation is recommended, however, the do-it-yourselfer will find these much easier to install then the old style sewn closed design.

Note: We also offer a less expensive leather upholstery set where we use leather on the seating areas and a matching vinyl on the sides and back. The vinyl back matches the leather and makes installation a bit easier since the vinyl has some stretch to it. All leather upholstery is special order and is not returnable. Image is an example done in vinyl to show the seat style.

Click Here to See our 71 Leather Seat Upholstery Infographic!

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