More Brake Kit Updates

We have a few updates today for our brake kits.

Here are some pictures of what your rears will look like for our Performance Brake Kit (15″ Wheels).

Very good performance at a very affordable price. The Pantera Performance Brake Kit. $1995.

For all of our kits as you may know, we use black Rotors. What is so nice with these black rotors, is that once they are worn in, the surface is a silver, metal finish, but the inside of the vents and cross-drilled holes are still black offering a very cool contrast.

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Pantera Brake Kits

We have our new Brake Kits done! They are in-stock so we will be able to ship them within a few business days of ordering.

Here is a promo video for our new Deluxe Performance Kit which includes 13 Inch Slotted, Vented, and Cross Drilled Rotors all around, and 6-piston calipers in the front and 4-piston calipers in the rear. We also offer a 4-piston all around kit as well.

For ordering, go to

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Deluxe Camaro Mirror Kit for the Detomaso Pantera

Our Pantera Mirror Kit is now in stock!

Check out our promo video!


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El Camino Pictures

Pictures of our build can be viewed at our Photobucket

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Rear Brakes

Rear brakes are done!


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Shocks and Brakes

New Shocks and Brakes

The shocks are now installed on the front and the rear and fit GREAT!

We also have got our new brakes installed on the front.

Hmmmmmm, new brakes. New suspension. Maybe some new kits coming in the near future?

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El Camino Progress

Working on the bed. 🙂


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