Z06 Pantera

19 Jan

When we first drove our Pantera at Willow Springs Raceway we were doing good. We made it through the whole weekend without a hitch. The last run. The last lap. Our oil pressure went to zero. Our engine stalled and we pulled off the raceway.

Willow Springs Pantera Run – 10/31/09 from Bell Productions Inc. on Vimeo.

We get home, pull it out of the trailer, and take it apart almost immediately. 
And after the engine is all apart we find this…..

The metal used to balance the crank shaft came out of the engine and did this….

Our block was shot… at least $2000 to fix it.

Willow Springs – The Aftermath from SACC Restorations on Vimeo.

We have been thinking of putting a new engine into it for a more modern experience. Now we have a reason. We sold all the good parts of the Cleveland for $3000. Now we’re up $5000 on the new engine. What did we decide you ask? The GM LS376/480. Brand new 2010 Crate motor.

We always get the question “Why would we choose a Chevy engine when its a Ford?”

Well we had many reasons for choosing our engine.

  • For one, its a Detomaso not a Ford. It was only “Powered by Ford.”
  • The power to price ratio of the LS376/480 was awesome. With the Modular motor most people drop in, I would have to supercharge it and modify it to get anywhere near the power of the LS3.
  • The LS376/480 make 480Hp and 475ft-lbs of torque. Out of the box. I would be lucky to get 350HP with the modular motor out of the box.

So our Pantera has been re-powered and is faster than ever before. I present to you, the Z06 Pantera.

Video from Willow Springs with The Z06 Pantera to Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance.

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2 responses to “Z06 Pantera

  1. Tom B

    January 9, 2012 at 6:46 am

    Ok so I thought what wacko would do this to a Pantera? But after watching the video and reading why you didn’t go with a mod motor I understand and actually like what you did. Makes a lot of sense actually…the LS3 will be a very powerful, dependable and modern motor. Nice job!

    • Chris Bell

      January 10, 2012 at 3:31 pm

      Thank you very much! We’re glad you like it! The LS3 has become one of the best things we’ve done for the car.


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